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CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES - MONDAY, AUG 17th at Greenwich Catholic

6:00pm   Cohen vs Murphy

8:00pm   Pignataro vs Russell






  • When not playing, all players will be expected to remain socially distant.
  • Player chairs will be placed six feet apart on each side of the scorer’s table. 
  • Spectators are not permitted this year.  No friends, parents, or family.  Only players can attend.  No bleachers.
  • Players are not required to wear a mask when playing, but they must bring one to games and must wear it when not playing. 
  • The person at the desk will have a mask and gloves.  We are going to ask the ref to wear a mask.
  • The State requires 30 minutes between each game. Games will be scheduled with at least a 30 minute buffer to prevent overlap of participants.  We are considering locking the doors during games to maintain the gym as open only to the players, referees and workers.
  • No overtime periods except during playoffs.
  • Workers and players shall stay home if sick or experiencing any symptoms as found in the waiver.
  • Players will be required to bring their own water bottles.  Water bottles shall not be shared.  Water fountain use is restricted.
  • Players will not huddle at any point during the game. Sportsmanship will continue in a touchless manner – no handshakes/slaps/fist bumps after games.
  • Cleaning of facility is the responsibility of Greenwich Catholic School who has told us they will be following state regulations for facilities. Before and after games we will wipe down the chairs, desk, clock, and ball. 
  • Hand sanitizer will be made available at the door and at the officials’ desk.

posted 06/16/2020
GBA Policy and Code of Conduct

GBA Policy and Code of Conduct

Projected enrollment is over 700 players.  We are at capacity on the available facilities so we may need to limit enrollment.  Please sign up early to avoid disappointment.

  • Only Adults can register players.
  • Our registration will only be available online through this web site – there is  no paper registration. 
  • Registration is first come first served and numbers are limited. 
  • Registrations will not be accepted without full payment. We accept Mastercard and Visa ONLY.
  • Registration for Grades K - 12 rec and travel leagues will be open late September and close when the program is full. 
  • Players must be registered before attending evaluations.
  • In accordance with GBA policy, GBA is a grade based program NOT an age based program, so players may not register outside their grade.  
  • Registration fee includes a minium of 15 games.
  • All games have paid referees which is included in the fee.
  • Full and partial scholarships are available.
  • For scholarship applications please complete your child's registration, but do not pay,  All Scholarship applicants will be required to make a payment to the program.

Requests for teams or team mates will not be accepted.
The GBA expects to make changes to team rosters prior to the first regular season game and reserves the right to change team rosters at any time.
Requests for refunds after the start of the season will only be accepted if the spot can be filled.  A $10 administration  fee is charged for each refund request regardless of the reason for cancellation. No requests for refunds will be granted after a program is underway.
For Information on how to register and to register:

  1. please click on the "Register online" tab.
  2. If you have any questions or problems, please email our registrar, Renee Murphy .  She will get back to you promptly. 

Players are not permitted to play for GBA in either the house or travel programs if they are registered with any other program in the Fairfield County Basketball League.  The other programs in this league based in Greenwich are High Rise and Greenwich Stars.

If your player is registered for both and you are retaining the registration with High Rise or Greenwich Stars please contact us immediately to cancel the GBA registration.  At this point we can give you a refund less a $10 admin fee.  If  we discover, or are notified of, the dual registration after our program starts on November 5th the player will be removed from GBA and  will forfeit the full GBA registration fee.

The completion and submission of a registration form and the payment of the registration fee only constitute an offer to play in the GBA league which is not accepted by GBA until the player being registered is placed on a team and listed on the team roster page of the GBA website.  GBA reserves the right to reject any registration for any reason in its sole discretion.  In the event that GBA rejects a registration prior to placing the registered player on a team, GBA will provide a full refund of the monies paid at the time of registration.  GBA may in its sole discretion remove any or all of a player or their family from the league at any time, or a coach from coaching, if it determines in its sole discretion that there has been a violation of its codes of warranting such removal.  Removal from the league may include, but is not limited to, a suspension of playing time, a complete ban from the league, and/or a prohibition on attendance of league activities.


GBA Codes of Conduct

As a parent or guardian of a participant in a GBA program I/we promise to:

  1. provide positive encouragement to our children; refrain from yelling at opposing players, coaches and referees and administrators;
  2. make every effort to get our children to games and practices on time - and pick them up on time;
  3. notify coaches as soon as possible if our child will be unable to make a game;
  4. let the coaches run their practices and games without interruption, avoid entering the court or bench area during games or practice unless I have been specifically instructed by a coach, administrator, or referee to do so;
  5. discuss questions and problems with coaches privately either before or after practices or games;
  6. refrain from using alcohol at practices or games;
  7. refrain from profanity at practices and games;
  8. treat all volunteers, staff and referees with respect and civility


As a participant in a GBA program, I promise to:

  1. treat all coaches and referees with respect. I will not talk back to any coach or referee;
  2. exhibit good sportsmanship hake the hands of teammates and opposing players after each game;
  3. support my teammates - offering encouragement;
  4. attempt to make every game and practice;
  5. come to practices and games on time;
  6. refrain from swearing;
  7. not use alcohol or drugs;
  8. clean up after games - remember to take my belongings and clean up any trash;
  9. wear complete uniform to games.

posted 01/06/2020

Thank you to the Greenwich Old Timers Athletic Assocation for their support in helping GBA continue our mission.

posted 04/09/2018
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