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The GBA High School Program is now getting underway.

Instead of doing evaluations on a week night as in the past, this year we are holding evaluations on two Sunday evenings at Greenwich Catholic.  The dates, times, and locations for the high school evaluations are:


Grades 9 and 10:  at Greenwich Catholic

Sunday - November 24th from 8:15pm to 9pm

Sunday - December 1st from 8pm to 9pm


Grades 11 and 12:  at Greenwich Catholic

Sunday - November 24th from  9pm to 10pm

Sunday - December 1st from 9pm to 10pm



Here are the general answers to the most
common questions we get: 

Is each grade a league? No. Grades 9 and 10 are a single combined league.  Grades 11 and 12 are a single combined league.

Are there practices? No. There are no practices in High School GBA. We play a game on Saturday and a game on Sunday. Yes, we absolutely need parents to coach and make sure everyone plays. It is far easier than coaching Grades 3 through 8. The kids need you. Don’t assume someone else will do it. Each year we have to recruit. Help us out. Come have fun.

Do I have to register to be evaluated?  Yes. You must register via the GBA website before coming in order to be evaluated.  You cannot register at Greenwich Catholic the night of an evaluation.

Do I have to come to both evaluations?  No. You only have to attend one evaluation.

What if I cannot make it to either evaluation?   If you cannot make the evaluations but played last season, we will use last season’s evaluation. If you have not played GBA before, we will still put you on a team.  It is just that we try to balance the teams.  If we have no experience with you, there is a higher possibility (but not a likelihood)  of getting reassigned to another team later in the season.

Do I have to be there for the whole hour? No. You will be evaluated for about 20 minutes during the one hour period.

What if I am late?  If you are a 9th or 10th grader and are late to your particular hour, you will still be evaluated along with the 11th and 12th Graders.

When does the season start?  The start of the season is always dependent on the High School finalizing gym availability and the rosters for their Freshman, JV and Varsity basketball squads. That is because players cannot compete on FCIAC basketball teams and play in recreational basketball leagues at the same time. It is an FCIAC rule.  The rule does not apply to private school players. We have many of the kids who try out for a high school team also register with GBA as a fallback.  We wish we could take all of them, but many make a team and withdraw from GBA. Then we make up the teams. This is a long way of saying that each year we are not in control of our exact start date and some patience is required.  We would like to get a couple of games played in December before the school break.


We hope that answers your questions.  If not, please contact our new registrar, Renee Murphy at . We look forward to seeing you at evaluations and on the court this season.


by posted 11/15/2019

Thank you to the Greenwich Old Timers Athletic Assocation for their support in helping GBA continue our mission.

posted 04/09/2018
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